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There are different menu sections at our different locations, although there are some staples that we will make available at all of our Fox’s Restaurants locations too. You will find that our Italian catering menus are the same at each of our restaurants, although you will find that only a couple of our locations have kids clubs, and only our Oak Lawn location serve a wide range of alcoholic beverages for you to partake of. Our Oak Lawn location is our biggest location, but it is by no means better than our other locations. You will be able to choose from the same Italian catering menus, and be given the same dine in, and carry out options at our Oak Lawn restaurant as with each of our other restaurant locations. The biggest difference for us is that Oak Lawn has the most traffic, and is in the biggest town around Chicago.

For Italian food, there is no better place to go than Fox’s Restaurant, and when you decide to browse through Italian restaurant menus, to determine who has a family friendly menu for you. You will find that all of Fox’s Restaurants serve family friendly food, and while we specialize in Italian food, we also have an American diet friendly to those who may not like the specialized flavors of our Italian cuisine. Bear in mind that when you come by, this is not a casual restaurant, and that wearing gym shorts and wrinkled t-shirts is frowned upon here. We pride ourselves in having an immaculate menu and restaurant, and request that as patrons you help us maintain the same quality environment by dressing in appropriate clothes for a nice family dinner with friends in public.