• All prices shown plus sales tax and gratuity – 75.00 minimum gratuity per server or 18%, whichever is greater (one server for every 30 guests) • Cake cutting at no charge • Prices subject to change without notice • Deposit is not refundable but will be applied to the final bill • Personal checks not accepted – credit card, cash or cashier check only • Rooms are booked for a 4 hour limit

Family Style Buffet

Family Style Buffet includes hot rolls and butter, Fox’s vegetable soup, house salad and dressing, penne pasta with meat or marinara sauce and coffee 19.99 per person  10.99 children under 10 16.99 per person (Monday thru Friday 12 pm to 4 pm)

ENTRÉES (Choice of Two) (Additional Entrées 2.00 per person)

❏ Broasted Chicken ( Juicy & tender, deep fried under pressure) ❏ Roasted Italian Chicken (Oven roasted with special spices & herbs) ❏ Roast Beef (Slow roasted & thinly sliced in natural juices) ❏ Italian Sausage & Peppers with Marinara ❏ Polish Sausage & Sauerkraut (Plump polish & zesty sauerkraut)

SIDES (Choice of Two) (Additional Sides 1.50 per person)

❏ Mashed Potatoes & Brown Gravy ❏ Roasted Italian Potato Wedges ❏ Fresh Broccoli (Garlic & lemon or cheese sauce) ❏ Buttery Whole Kernal Corn ❏ Fresh Green Beans

DESSERT (Choice of One)

❏ Vanilla Ice Cream ❏ Sherbert

Foxs Pizza Party Buffet

(Minimum 20 Persons)


With as many toppings as you desire. No doggie bags!

Pizza & Pop

Only 11.99 per person 8.99 children under 10

Buffet Style

14.99 per person 11.99 children under 10 Buffet Style includes pizza, house salad with dressing, Vanilla, Chocolate or Sherbet Ice Cream, and Coffee or Soft Drink

Delicious Add Ons…

❏ Penne Pasta 2.00 per person ❏ House Salad 2.00 per person ❏ Vanilla, Chocolate or Sherbet Ice Cream 2.00 per person


25 Piece 50 Piece

Chicken Wings 25-39.00 50-69.00

Buffalo or Wing Zing

Chicken Strips 25-55.00 50-99.00

BBQ, Ranch or Bleu Cheese

Mini Dogs in a Blanket 25-39.00 50-69.00

With ketchup and mustard

Bruschetta 25 – 55.00 50 – 99.00

Shrimp Cocktail 25-MP 50-MP

Cocktail Sauce

Mozzarella Sticks 25-39.00 50-69.00

Red Sauce

Reuben Rolls 25-55.00 50-99.00

(1000 Island)

Memorial Luncheon Special

Coffee, Rolls, Butter, Soup, Salad, Broasted Chicken, Roast Beef Au Jus, Penne Pasta, Mashed Potatoes, Vegetable and Sherbet

Family Style

11.99 per person A 8.99 children under 10

Stuffed Breast Of Chicken

A boneless breast of chicken packed with homemade bread stuffing set atop a white cream sauce accompanied by fresh green beans and creamy whipped potatoes, served with Fox’s homemade vegetable beef soup, tossed salad with dressing, rolls and butter, coffee and sherbet or vanilla ice cream 17.99 per person A 9.99 children under 10

Appetizers Trays And Salad Bowls

Breaded Mushrooms Small(10/15)-45.00 Large(20/25)-75.00

Breaded Zucchini Small(10/15)-45.00 Large(20/25)-75.00

Breaded Onion Rings Small(10/15)-45.00 Large(20/25)-75.00

Appetizer Combo (10/15)-50.00 Large(20/25)-85.00

Mushrooms, Zucchini, Onion Rings & Mozzarella Sticks

Fresh Vegetable Tray Small(10/15)-45.00 Large(20/25)-75.00

Fresh Fruit Tray Small(10/15)-45.00 Large(20/25)-75.00

Fox’s House Salad Small(15/20)-50.00 Large(20/30)-75.00

Caesar Salad Small(15/20)-50.00 Large(20/30)-75.00

Fox’s Chopped Salad Small(15/20)-60.00 Large(20/30)-90.00

Bar Packages

Only available if attached to Banquet Food Package! Soda Pop Package 2.99 per person • *No Craft Beers 2 HOUR 3 HOUR 4 HOUR

*Domestic Beer, House Wine & Soda  2h-15.00 3h-20.00 4h-25.00 *Domestic Beer, House Wine & Name Brand Liquor 2h-20.00 3h-25.00 4h-30.00 Import Beer & Top Shelf Liquor 2h-25.00 3h-30.00 4h-35.00 Sherbet Fruit Punch Bowl (Approximately 50 Cups) Spiked 95.00 Unspiked 65.00

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