Kids Meals $6.99

(ages 10 and under)
all kids meals served with kids drink

Choose Your Kids Meal

Chicken Fingers

Deep fried chicken strips with French fries.

Kids Mac N Cheese Trevor’s Favorite!

Elbow noodles mixed with cheddar cheese sauce.

Foxs 6” Pizza Fox’s World Famous Pizza!

Choice of plain cheese, sausage or pepperoni.


Spaghetti or penne pasta topped with butter or marinara sauce.

Foxs Mini Kids Burgers

Add American cheese if you wish. Served with French fries.

Grilled Cheese

Grilled buttery bread stuffed with American cheese. Served with French fries.

Choose Your Drink (only one)


Chocolate Milk


Sierra Mist


Kiddie Cocktail


Dr. Pepper

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