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Fox’s Restaurant and Pub is a wonderful place to take your family to celebrate the holidays, good grades or anything else that you decide to with your family. As far as family friendly restaurants go, Fox’s Restaurants provide a great Italian restaurant menu that will be enjoyed by your entire family. There are a number of different Italian restaurants in the greater Chicago area, and there are plenty that are really fancy and require its guests to dress up in order to visit them. However, many families that are looking for a night out, with their children and relatives, find it is a huge hassle to get all dolled up for a night out, and then do not go to places where they have to wear suits and ties, and dresses for dinner. On the other hand, there are some occasions where it is nice to get your family dressed up and celebrate certain occasions, but lacking a place to do so creates additional problems for families. Fox’s Restaurant poses the ideal solution to this quandary, in that the restaurants we own, allow you to come in for a casual dinner when you decide you don’t want to cook, and give you a very nice atmosphere to go when you want to dress up and celebrate a night on the town.

We strive to produce the best Italian-American food for our patrons, which is why we have hired the best chefs, the friendliest hosts and hostesses, and the most efficient servers in the area for our businesses. Every visit to Fox’s Restaurant is a new experience for the food you order, and give you the perfect outlet to enjoy Italian food brought to you, or good, classic, American cuisine if you are not in the mood to try something from distant shores.